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Games & Sports

Regular games and physical activities are compulsory for all students. The school also provides facilities for yoga, Karate, Flying Kick. To bring out sportsmanship and competitiveness, our teams participate in inter school, zonal, regional, national, International world cup and Olympic level competitions. Opportunities are given to the children to develop an all-round personality and become proficient in games and sports.

Sports develop the physical as well as mental strength in students. Daily physical exercise is essential for students because exercise not only helps students to stay healthy, but it also helps to improve their emotional fitness.

Sports should be a major part of the school curriculum because if students stay emotionally and physically healthy, they can easily focus on their studies. Students have to participate in school sports to increase confidence, mental alertness, and self-esteem. Sports are important in schools because it helps to teach various skills to students like leadership, patience, patience, team efforts, and social skills. Here we are discussing some benefits of the importance of sports in Schools.

Advantages of sports 

Social interaction – Playing sports in school and participating in school sport team helps children to socialize and bond with each other. Physical health – playing sports daily will make a student healthy and stress free which in turn will boost his performance in school. Boost confidence- Sports helps students to gain confidence by playing with their classmates and engaging in friendly competition. Leadership skill- Playing in groups require a student to lead his/her team, which not only boosts his confidence but is also a great practice for future. Sports in education helps to develop mental growth and increases the power of reasoning of students. Being actively involved in sports can help students relax from their daily routine of learning syllabus and reduces exam stress. One needs to keep a balance between work and play to keep the body and soul inn sync. Sports not only makes a person strong from outside but also develops a fit and sound body. Qualities which sports can teach us are : Tolerance Patience Handling pressure Team spirit Proficiency to share victory and defeat Obedience Will power Self- confidence The curriculum should include sports for an all round development of a child. A good academic background is important towards pursuing a career in sports as education qualification is necessary in the long run. Sufficient amount of school time should be allotted towards sports and physical training. A good educational backup will help to maintain a good lifestyle beside continuing sports. click here for more courses on sports.
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