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Genius Future Public School

Our Hostel Facility

The School Hostel is situated in the residential area. The complete Hostel is divided into five different Hostels for Boys and Girls Hostel. There are around 50 students in each House. A Housemaster looks after the basic administration of his respective House.

The concept behind establishing Genius Future Public School Hostel was to fulfill the dreams of countless moms and dads trying to find an academic sanctuary to support and provide their kids a secured future.


Our unique approach covers nine areas of development and learning that focus on the cognitive, social and emotional development of the child. Key curriculum areas include: life skills, sensorial, physical, mathematics, language, cognition, science, social studies, art and culture.


Every day the Hostel students get up early and do their morning exercises [Yoga or Aerobics]. Then they are served the breakfast along with milk before they leave for their academic classes. In the break time they are again served the Lunch. When the school gets over, they are given their afternoon meal with seasonal fruit. After the rest hour they leave for the ground for their sports hour. After sweating in the field they are served their evening snacks. Then begins their Remedial Classes in which their academic problems & doubts are addressed by the different subject teachers as per the weekly schedule. Once again they get milk with their dinner after which they do their self study before going to sleep.

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