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Our School Rules


(a) Students are not encouraged to make any request for leave of absence during the term. Even for medical visits, students should make suitable arrangement so as not to disturb the school routine.

(b) The name of the students will be deleted from the school record if they are absent for six consecutive days, without prior permission.

(c) In case of a marriage or any other family function, boarders should take permission otherwise absent is marked.

Payment of fee:-

(a) The name of the pupil shall be struck off if fee is not paid for three consecutive months on first day of the fourth month.

(b) In case of late fees, a fine of Rs 100/- is charged for delay of each month.

(c) In case re-admission is considered the defaulters will pay all dues, including admission fees.

Transfer Certificate

(a) Parents should apply for TC on the prescribed form available at the school.

(b) TC is generally issued within 3 days on receipt of application form from parents.

Parents Responsibility

(a) Kindly ensure that your child attends school neatly, both in person and uniform. List of uniform/articles required is given in Appendix A.

(b) You are requested to regularly check the child’s performance in academic and curriculum activities.

(C) Children are not supposed to get valuable to the School. The school accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss of valuables brought to school.

(d)Please don’t give electronic items (Mobile, MP3 player, etc.) to your ward. It found with children, these will be confiscated and will not be returned.

(e) Parents are not allowed to go to the class rooms for any reasons. They shall contact the Principal in case ofany urgency.

(f) Parents are requested to ensure that their ward utilizes vacation period for studies and completing the home work.

(g) Parents are requested to send their wards back to school on due date after each vacation/break failing which the pupil would be fined Rs 25 per day of absence.

(h) Parents are requested to read the Student’s Diary regularly.

Visiting/Calling Hours:-

(a) Regular Parent-Teacher meeting is organized on School information. They can also interact with the teachers and housemasters.

(b) Parents can call up their wards on weekdays from 1200hrs to 1400 hrs.

Office Hours:-

(i)Summer: 12:00 to 13:30 hrs

(ii) Winter: 12:30 to 14:00 hrs

(d) Parents are requested to c0-operate with school in maintaining discipline and following the norms of the school.

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